Medical Social Services

Purpose of Care:
To ease the effects of the health crises or the challenges of symptom management for the patient and the family members

Services Provided by:
Medical Social Workers and Case Managers

Inclusions of Program:

  • Emotional Support and Encouragement
  • Assisting the Patient with Hospital Discharge
  • Helping Surviving Family Members Cope with Death or Illness
  • Foster Care Arrangements
  • Assistance with Financial Aid Applications
  • Support During a Health Crisis
  • Arranging Medical Equipment Rentals
  • Assisting in the Development of the Care Plan
  • Guidance on Healthcare Policies
  • Assistance with Inpatient and Outpatient Services
  • Psychosocial Evaluation
  • Rehabilitative Care Planning
  • Bereavement Support and Grief Counseling
  • Alternative Living Arrangements
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